Dear Mr. Farage,   

 Recently you were named one of the biggest winners of the most exciting European elections ever. Congratulations! As the undisputed leader of the Brexit Party, for me and many others you are the personification of the entire Brexit movement. This creates similar huge responsibilities to those Sir Winston Churchill has shown when he decided to free Europe from Nazi dictatorship.

 With that and through his victory, Churchill rightly grew to be the greatest Brit of all time. You have a chance to finish in second place, or in part in first place, if you tackle it well. You want to liberate the Europeans from the dictatorship of Brussels or should we say Berlin?

 This is a noble motivation. I agree with you that today’s European elite (Merkel, Juncker, Tusk, Macron,…) has ruined the European dream in the most shameful way. This is why I am now addressing this open letter to you in the hope that you will take my valuable advice to heart.

 The greatest public distrust of the European project arose after Chancellor Merkel, the largest advocate of it, decided to open up European borders to mass immigration, which I consider to be the biggest blunder ever in post-war European politics. History will agree with us.

 I first heard about you when you openly questioned the legitimacy of Herman Van Rompuy’s appointment as the first long-term “European President” in the European Parliament, asking, “Who are you? I’d never heard of you, nobody in Europe had ever heard of you.”

 You found it intolerable that a politician, having never been elected by the British, was suddenly placed at the head of the European Union, to decide how the British and other European subjects should behave.

 Your criticism was very justified, because let’s not be naive: none of the so-called “European Presidents” who have so far been highlighted (Van Rompuy, Barroso, Tusk and Juncker) were directly elected by Europeans.

 You know as well as I do that they all owed their function to Merkel’s blessing. It is already being whispered in the corridors of the European Parliament that the biggest favourite to succeed current President Juncker is a German.

 In other words, the question of whether Europe is governed from Brussels or Berlin is as delicate as it is plausible and is certainly one of the main reasons why many British want to leave the Union, given our shared war history.

 Germany’s demand that the United Kingdom should pay an enormous sum as “compensation” for a possible exit, is also ridiculous and grotesque if we realize that Germany was sentenced to pay many billions of war debt (especially to your country) but never proceeded to pay it!

 Also scandalous: With the knowledge of the German government in many German State Museums there are still hanging very expensive artworks being Nazi-looted from Jewish victims during WWII but never were returned to the legal Jewish heirs!

 Please don’t get me wrong! I have no hatred of Germany or its inhabitants. After all, the country is part of a continent that I love, the cradle of Western civilization. Just as I love the United Kingdom.

 I just think that the loser of the war must know his position and should not behave as a sort of “Fourth Empire” that, for example, dictates that Greece has to make substantional savings while Germany is still having massive war debt to this country.

 President Trump is also very concerned about what is going on in Europe. After all, he is of German and British (Scottish) descent. That is why he probably sympathizes with your party and fully supports her.

 While he wants to optimally protect the borders of his country against malicious intruders, he has to watch with sadness how the borders of his forefathers are taken by surprise as if they are no longer existing.

 The wave of terrorist attacks affecting Europe shows the consequences of this weak policy. Your objections to this type of Europe are one hundred percent justified; yet I find your solution far too drastic. It is not Europe that we must fight, but its current leadership.

 If you are being driven around in a beautiful car with a bad driver, then you are not going to sell your car at a significant loss after having discovered that your driver is underperforming. No, you simply replace the driver. This is how I see the problem.

 Not Europe must be overhauled, but its leaders who have made a mess of it! After all, Europe offers many benefits that we cannot underestimate; leaving Europe just like that only results in loss, both economically and in terms of security.

 I published a speech on this website in which I defend Europe but strongly condemn its current leadership. I hope that you, and all recipients of this message, want to view it, here is the link.

 Finally, my advice. During your campaign you have told your voters many times that staying in the EU costs the British state far too much because of the expensive contributions for which the British allegedly get nothing in return, only unwanted immigrants. The anti-Brexiteers have also made the bill and claim that a Brexit will mean a serious financial loss.

 Having won the elections, you can make a choice between two things: To continue the Brexit or to put your demands on the table and ensure that you and your country come out so favorably that the British will overwhelmingly decide to stay in the EU.

  Impossible?  I’m going to tell you how that is possible. You impose your conditions on the EU, and they could look like this:

 1 /  You receive the guarantee that all European external borders will be hermetically closed.

 2 / The EU promises to launch European presidential elections within a year. All Europeans, including the British, may directly choose the candidate who, in their opinion, best defends their interests.

Of course you can also run for President yourself.  If you know what is going wrong in Europe, then you know what needs to be done to make it run smoothly. After all, for years you were prepared to seat as a Member of the European Parliament and to receive wages from a European Union that you despise so much. Then you will undoubtedly also dare to run for the highest office in this organization.

 3 / You manage to establish English as the only official language for all citizens of the European Union. This last measure in particular  will Ensure that the United Kingdom, but also the EU as a whole, will make enormous economic and financial gains.

  And wasn’t the vote to leave the EU motivated primarily by cost-benefit calculations? As soon as the British realize that with English as the official EU language, their economy will start to rebound, they will be convinced of the advantage of staying in the Union.

 We will also be seen by President Trump’s America as the most appropriate trading partner, since we all speak the same language.

 These conditions can of course be met or not. If Brussels, Berlin and the Elysée of the weakened French President Macron reject them, then I wish you a nice Brexit and the EU may, for my part, cease to exist. Then I see no longer any future for Europe.

 However, I personally think this is the worst thing that can happen to both of us. In a dangerous time in which China wants to impose its will on the world, global warming is bothering us and the further development of Artificial Intelligence is going to cost millions of jobs over time, it is appropriate to jointly address all these challenges.

 As a helpful supporter in the heroic struggle against a Europe governed by error, I cordially greet you,


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