Author and expert in the field of geopolitics Olli Salvatore is a candidate for the function of President of the European Union.

In this video he explains how he would end mass immigration and Brexit. According to him, the question whether the UK should leave the EU or remain is caused by the terrible open border policy from political leaders like Merkel, Macron, Juncker and Tusk.

These leaders should resign immediately and the European Council should make it possible that all Europeans, including the British, can vote directly for the European Presidential candidate of their choice. The two current “presidents” of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, are not elected at all by the people, just appointed thanks to German mediation of Merkel. These two leaders have no right to criticize elected leaders like Trump and Putin, since they came to power in a undemocratic way.

Also, the EU can’t dictate the UK to pay a very high divorce bill while Germany once was convicted to pay billions and billions as war preparations to the UK, but never paid them!

Salvatore proposes to delay Brexit with one year. During that period of time the EU must guarantee that all external borders will be hermetically closed, that all Europeans will be aible to directly choose a Presidential Candidate and that the English language will be introduced as official language throughout the European Union.

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